Parents launch Kickstarter to fund Baby Essentials vending machine has a new blog on their site featuring WeGoBabies and our current Kickstarter project. Read how our high tech baby vending machine can come to your rescue when you need it most!

Forgot your baby’s​ formula, diapers, portable DVD player for his favorite Yo Gabba Gabba movie?? ​ No worries with the new innovation WeGoBabies! It’s a common problem parent’s face when they’re away from home with their kids…a “doh!”​moment when they reach for something their little one needs and realize they forgot to pack it. That’s when WeGoBabies comes to their rescue. WeGoBabies is a supped-up, state-of-the-art​vending machine stocked with everyday items for babies and young children, including: formula, milk, healthy snacks, juice, diapers/wipes, toys, bottles, pacifiers, teethers, and even larger items​like hand-held electronics and booster seats!

​This ​is not your ordinary vending machine!  WeGoBabies technology is like nothing you’ve ever seen with all the bells and whistles, such as:​

  • Dual system vending: refrigerated and non-refrigerated all-in-one
  • Inventory, advertising, and machine functionality monitored from remote location – so it’s always well stocked
  • ​Large user-friendly touch pad selection screen
  • Receipt printer for proof of purchase and easy exchange/refund options, and many more features…

The Ask: And to get more of theses machines into more airports, malls and venues where harried parents frequent, the Carringtons are turning to the public for help and have launched a Kickstarter campaign, this past May 5 to help raise $50,000 for working capital.

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WeGoBabies Vending Machine Release & Giveaway

Brittany at Addicted 2 Savings 4 U has written a blog and is doing a giveaway for a Baby Essentials Package courtesy of WeGoBabies. Read part of her blog below and be sure to check out the blog and giveaway on her website!

My, oh my, have times changed!  I remember when vending machines used to just be for snacks, candies and sodas and were great for on the go and last minute items.  Now hitting the playing field is a brand new machine called the WeGoBabies which is a “smart” vending machine providing families with all the baby/toddler necessities they would need on the go!  Just image your bags are packed, you’ve hit the road to head to the amusement park or airport and realized to forgot to pack the diapers, wipes or maybe a sippy cup for little one. Well the WeGoBabies has all the products you would want and need in one convenient location.  WeGoBabies vending machines will be available at airports, zoos, museums, cruises, amusement parks, shopping malls and resorts. Read more and enter her giveaway!



WeGoBabies KickStarter LAUNCHED

We did it!  We launched our KickStarter campaign to fund WeGoBabies.

Smart Vending Machines for Families on the Go!

Please take a moment to check out our project and if you want to support us, we would be greatly appreciative.

Please share, tweet, forward, instagram and whatever you can think of to share this idea with your friends and larger network.  This is ALL or NOTHING funding so we need as many people to see this and support us as possible.  Donations start at $1.

Thank you in advance for your time and support! 

7 Things Parents Forget on Plane Trips with Kids

95DEDE53E4515BF019BF57B240BA7 Things Parents Forget on Plane Trips with Kids

Check out this list of 7 things never to forget while traveling on a plane with kids from Good Morning America. However, if you do happen to need a baby essential item while you’re on the go, WeGoBabies provides a unique solution for parents in motion. A few of the items WeGoBabies Vending Machines carry are diapers, wipes, sippy cups, pacifiers, milk, formula, juice and healthy snacks. We make the “on the go” experience more enjoyable for everyone!