RECALL: Cancer Causing Dye Risk Prompts Jeans Recall

TARGET is recalling children’s and women’s denim jeans which may contain traces of a cancer causing dye.

The product recall covers more than 40 lines including: Kid’s & Infant’s: Denim wrinkle pant, Boys walk short, Babywear relaxed denim jean. 

The products being recalled were sold nationally at Target and Target Country stores as well as online through Target’s website. Customers should stop using the product and return it to a Target store to obtain a full refund of the purchase price. According to the product recall, the dye used during the production of these products may have contained hazardous azo dyes.

Azo dyes are a large class of very effective synthetic dyes used for coloring a variety of consumer goods such as foods, cosmetics, carpets, clothes, leather and textiles.

Learn more at the original article.




WeGoBabies Vending Machine Release & Giveaway

Brittany at Addicted 2 Savings 4 U has written a blog and is doing a giveaway for a Baby Essentials Package courtesy of WeGoBabies. Read part of her blog below and be sure to check out the blog and giveaway on her website!

My, oh my, have times changed!  I remember when vending machines used to just be for snacks, candies and sodas and were great for on the go and last minute items.  Now hitting the playing field is a brand new machine called the WeGoBabies which is a “smart” vending machine providing families with all the baby/toddler necessities they would need on the go!  Just image your bags are packed, you’ve hit the road to head to the amusement park or airport and realized to forgot to pack the diapers, wipes or maybe a sippy cup for little one. Well the WeGoBabies has all the products you would want and need in one convenient location.  WeGoBabies vending machines will be available at airports, zoos, museums, cruises, amusement parks, shopping malls and resorts. Read more and enter her giveaway!



Worst or Funniest Experience Traveling with Kids

kids-airplanes-ftrTell us your worst or/and funny experience while traveling with kids on our Facebook page.

I’ll start you off with one, if not my worst flight, with the kids EVER!

You know when the seat belt sign comes on and the pilot announces that we are about to land, that your kid will either want to go to the bathroom or decide to Houdini out of his seat belt.

On this occasion we all had the back end (no punt intended) of the stomach flu and our bellies and back door were feeling a little tender.

With the ping of the seat belt sign and the voice of the pilot, our son crawled out of his belt while vomiting towards the seat in front (nearly hitting the woman’s amazing perm on the seat in front), I grabbed the SMALL sick bag and tried to hold him while playing catch with his insides. Even though I was pretty good at playing catch in school, it seemed catching projectile vomit was not my sport.

Screaming, crying and break dancing while the plane is landing was not my best moment. However, we made it on to the ground and headed toward the gate. It looked like something from the movie Reservoir Dogs in our seated area and the steam coming from my ears could have set off the smoke alarms.

Once we made it to the baggage area alive (just about), the kids were covered in vomit. Because of our lack of spare clothes, we proceeded to run and climb around the baggage belt like we were on the Royal Marines assault course. It was at this stage when you think many things, one being, where is a WeGoBabies Vending Machine when you need one? The other being, I am getting the